Salma Hayek Hot Figure And Her Acting


She is true beauty, and the fact is that she is one of those actresses that are truly on the verge to get the awards and all of the appreciation that they have earned, surely his is a fact that we all know about her. Her beauty and her acting has surely earned her a lot of fame and pride too, well there are many different movies in which she has acted her best and has been nominated and has been awarded also, as there are too many of the things that she is all over actually capable of. Well her skin color is a dusky one, so this has earned her a separate fame too, such as many actresses in the H town are actually working it really hard in order to have their color a little dark but this beauty has got that naturally, so this is a plus point that she has got about herself all over.


Her famous roles are the ones that she has done in the DESPERADO, FRIDA, FROM DAWN TILL DYUSK. In the first mentioned movie she has also posed nude along with her actor, as at the scene in which she had to do all of that fighting on her own too. Well this was the scene where she had to share some sizzling on screen parts with her co star and guess what she has surely done that in real great manner too no doubt that she is a true star that has managed to do this all on her won, hats off to her for that.


Her height is about 5’2 and her cup size is about the size of the cup C, and her breast size is about the 38, some people say that she has got the breast implants but some say that she has not, but if we call it for the ladies then it can be a sure thing that she has done that, as many actresses in the H town are going well in order to get themselves under the knife to have all of that on a great level too. She is a married woman now and has a daughter along with her husband also. Her hair color is naturally of the black color and her eyes are of the hazel color, as her eye s are also known to be the most beautiful part about her body apart from her cup size.