Evelyn Sharma And Her Break In Bollywood


you may not know this lady too much but she is one of those stars that have got it respect named factor in the Bollywood also, well she is actually a German lady as you can quite think that after having a look at her curves and her face too, as the way she speaks is truly something that the normal girls at the Bollywood are not well aware of, well no doubt at all that she is also famous as in the recent time she has also done a lot of work too. That has put her on the verge that she is on the track to be one of the most famous girls in the Bollywood also, she may look better to you than Katrina but this is a fact that no god father is with her that can help her in the matter of getting work or touching the skies of the fame and the power well no doubt at all that she is still better than a lot of actresses also as you may know this too that her acting style is very well different than the rest of eh actresses also.

There was also a  time in which she had actually dyed her hair blonde and was moving on with that but in india no matter what colored you are people like to see you in the natural avatar that is not less than the black color as you are allowed to touch in some more glamour but nothing more fancy than that, along with the factor that she has really beautiful hair her facial features and her heighted figure is one of the most well looked and beautiful things about her also.

Evelyn Sharma

Her famous movies are the following ‘’ BAHIYA JI SUPER HIT, YAARIYAN, ISSAQ, MAN TERA HERO, NAUTNAKI SALA, YEH JAWANI HA DEWANI, FROM SYDENY WITH LOVE, KHCUH KHUCH LOCHA HA’’, well no doubt at all that she has actually proved herself to be one of the most desired ladies of the time as nothing can fight off her great looking posture and figure also as there is not at all any doubt that she is truly a very good looking lady that has got it all over too, as she is one of those who knows that hoe by the help of her right figure she is able to have more work at her hand also, as she is not at all afraid of trying new looks and cuts on herself as she knows that the versatility is the mother of the art and no matter what you have to do then if you are willing to make your position at the Hollywood very storing also.

Recently there have been rumors about her that she is one of the most well ladies that knows that hoe by the help of her looks she has to set people in her fingers but this is not at all any reality as by the help of her hard work she has done all the stuff and the roles that she has done are also the result of that too. In the year of the 2008 she has also worked in the British movie named as the Turn left, her age is currently 28 now but not any doubt that she looks younger then that all over too, as such ladies truly know that how they can manage all the stuff.

Her height is 5’7 and her figure is slender, her natural hair color is blonde, and her breasts are 34D although she wears the puffs that are known to support such sizes also.